All Clear 15lt


Quick Overview: All Clear is detergent free. It leaves no streaks, stains or residue. Leaves all surfaces really bright and shining clean.

(Glass and Chrome Cleaner)

Features and Benefits

  • Safe to use: All Clear does not contain butyl type glycol ethers.  Direct skin contact with the product will not cause long term health problems
  • All Clear is detergent free.  It leaves no streaks, stains or residue.  Leaves all surfaces really bright and shining clean.
  • All Clear is made with distilled water and will not leave any salt stains on surfaces.
  • Contains a mixture of specially selected and refined organic solvents, which lift and remove soils.

Use Directions

Do not dilute All Clear with any other products.  Use All Clear as received through a spray applicator and wipe off with clean paper towel.

Product Specifications

Appearance : Clear Blue Liquid

ph : 8.0

Flash Point : Nil

Specific Gravity : 0.98

Solubility in water : Complete

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